Incorporate mobility into workforce management strategies

Organisations are escaping traditional geographical constraints by using technology to build a distributed, mobile workforce. This lets both workers and businesses become more flexible. To make sure these geographically-dispersed employees operate as effectively as possible, companies need to incorporate mobile capabilities into their workforce management strategies.

When you have a distributed mobile workforce, your employees need anywhere-access to applications including time and attendance, and scheduling. Most employees already use smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, so it makes sense to incorporate mobile capabilities into your workforce management strategies.

Here are four of the top reasons organisations should build mobile capabilities into their workforce management strategies:

  1. Reduced training needs

Most employees probably already use their mobile devices frequently for a wide range of purposes. Because most staff know how to use these devices, companies don’t have to invest as much time and money into training programs.

  1. Minimised support services

Because enterprise applications designed for popular mobile device operating systems, such as Apple’s iOS, or Google’s Android, are based on common standards, mobile-based employee management solutions are effectively user-ready upon release, without IT assistance.

  1. Improved productivity

Many workforce management solutions are designed in such a way that brings data capture and self-service options closer to the point of work, no matter where that may be. This saves time and increases efficiency, in turn improving productivity.

  1. Greater coverage

As more of the world is connected by wireless communications infrastructure, mobile devices can be accessed and used virtually anywhere, letting a distributed workforce engage with the organisation no matter where its individual members are located.

Leslie Tarnacki, VP of Human Resources and ANZ GM, WFS Australia

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