How to turn sport into business

Sport is not only a fantastic way to remain fit and healthy but it’s also something that with the right tools can be turned into a living. I think like anything if you have a dream and a plan and you’re really passionate about something especially within the sporting world then there’s always a way of turning it from a game into a business.

To start, you must identify your market/passion and establish an idea or plan that will give you the potential to turn it into a functional business. Identifying your market and doing some research in regards to your industry is key. Being able to have some sort of network in your field will help you go a long way. For instance, we got in touch with a similar company but in the cricket world instead of football, and were able to learn and bounce ideas from the way they ran their business and introduce or alter similar methods within our own. We wanted to create something at The Football Centre that no one else in Perth has.

We didn’t go into the market blind. We’ve had a soccer background for the last 20 years which helped us also identify our competitors. In doing so, we outlined their weaknesses which we could then turn into our positives. Being able to understand the market that is already in your field is something which you need to pinpoint by doing your own research. Producing something of quality that relates to your target demographic will furthermore assist in growing your base. You provide something worthy then the word gets out and that’s how the network base will begin to grow.

Social Media in the modern world is extremely powerful. Pinpointing your target audience and producing similar content related to their interests is a tool we have found extremely helpful in creating noise around our facility. Again, we were actively seeking advice from people that had a creative background in online marketing and through their suggestions and foundations, we were able to produce the correct type of content that would resonate with our audience.

Once we knew our client base, we searched for like-minded coaches like ourselves to expand our team. We searched and found coaches that were passionate, enthusiastic and a willingness to learn and grow. Running a business is great however you also need to introduce the right types of staff around you to act as great role models for the generations to come, ensuring your business name is kept in the right place. We pride ourselves on presentation and how we are perceived to the people of Australia through our social media platforms. We are always working on ways in which we can grow and always researching and learning new ways of teaching the youth that comes through our doors.

Turning football into a business was never easy. We had many doubts and uncertainty from people around us however we kept the passion for the sport and the forefront of our journey which was key in reaching our goals of where we are today. We sacrificed a lot of time and hours to really create a strong base and the right foundations to begin with. It was a big risk but, like anything in life, if you work hard and have a plan then that risk can turn into something great. Our name continues to grow due to the hard work of our team and we will continue to strive, learn and push till we reach our goals of being a leading business.

Dean Evans, Co-Founder, The Football Centre

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