How to run your mobile business (from your mobile)

Use these four tools to efficiently manage your mobile business to profitability.

If you haven’t already embraced mobility with work, you’re falling behind the curve. Research has found that 61 per cent of workers work outside the office at least part of the time, 64 per cent of decision-makers read email on a mobile device. Whether it’s a laptop, tablet or smartphone, today’s technology frees us from our desks, and means some of us, don’t ever need to be at them.

For some, bringing business to the customer is nothing new, but doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. Plumbers, builders, landscapers and tradespeople are used to running their businesses on the go, but many struggle to keep on top of a growing pile of paperwork in their van.

The right technology makes it easy to run your business on the road. You don’t have to drive home and go over your accounts, you can manage them while you work.

These four valuable business tools are designed for small business owners who want to have a big-business approach to their mobile business.

  1. Deputy

Deputy is a workplace management solution to better manage your team. The mobile app means that even if business owners are out of the workplace, they can see who’s at work, schedule staff, approve timesheets and communicate with the team while on the go. If someone calls in sick, replacement staff can be sorted with a few taps if someone calls in sick.

  1. Invoice2go

Invoice2go is a popular mobile invoicing app that allows small businesses and freelancers to create and send invoices on the spot, track work and collect payment. The app helps simplify the admin process and solve cash flow problems, allowing small business owners to get paid on time. The app allows you to easily create and send professional invoices and quotes on the go, as well other great features including document signing, ability to snap and save photos of receipts, document signing, calendars, maps, barcode scanning and more. The app is available for use across desktops, mobile devices and smartwatches and is free to download on iOS and Android.

  1. Square

Square offers at $19 that plugs into the headphone jack of your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet to allow you to instantly accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express card payments as well as send invoices wherever you may be on the road. Square’s newest $59 contactless chip card reader also accepts Apple Pay and Android Pay. With a flat 1.9 per cent transaction fee, there are also no recurring monthly charges, hidden fees or lock-in contracts.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox for Business lets you share, sync and collaborate securely on files from any platform (iOS, Android, Windows) or device, wherever you like. Files can even be accessed offline by adding them to your favourites. So you have the freedom to work how and where you want to work, with your important files always accessible.

It’s not just food businesses or cleaning firms that can go on the road. Some of the businesses going mobile include styling boutiques, dog walking, dental practices, cinemas, spas, gyms and even footwear.

So what’s holding you back?

Kristin Harris, General Manager, Deputy

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