How to make a videoconference meeting run smoothly

In a world where rapid advances in technology are constantly reshaping the way we work, videoconferencing has become a staple for most offices.

The modern-day meeting room has been revolutionised by the videoconference, allowing teams to overcome the constraints of geography and collaborate from anywhere in the world. However, it’s a nightmare situation when a videoconference doesn’t run smoothly.

When technical errors hit, it can often be hard for both ends of the call to keep their cool, and even if the technical issues are resolved, it can set a negative and frustrated tone for the rest of the meeting.

Here are some tips to make sure your next teleconference runs smoothly.

Have a practice run

Before the meeting, make a time with the person you are calling to have a test run. Make sure that the video is working, the internet connection is strong, you both know how to call each other and the microphones are working.

Eliminate interruptions

The worst thing that can happen in a video meeting is being distracted, like someone walking in to ask for something unrelated, or a mobile phone ringing, or noise from outside disrupting the meeting. Make sure there is a Do Not Disturb sign on the door to discourage unwanted visitors. Keep unnecessary laptops and screens out of the room to eliminate distractions. If there is no quiet place for you to hold the conference be sure to notify people in the office that there is a video conference happening and that they need to keep the noise to a minimum.


If you are teleconferencing in from home, or aren’t in a designated meeting room, think about your location, for example, don’t do it from your messy bedroom. Either have a blank wall behind you, or a background that isn’t distracting so the people on the other end can focus on you and what you are saying.


Having the right technological set up is critical. Are your webcam and microphone updated? Are you using the right HD technology? Does your internet speed support video conferencing? Is your laptop or computer updated and running fast enough to support video? Maybe it is time for an upgrade.

Videoconferencing is a great opportunity for teams to engage in face-to-face communication, overcoming the challenges that often arise when information is lost in translation over email and phone calls. With communication the key to success for any group project, video conferencing has boosted the collaborative capacity of teams, increasing both productivity and creativity.

Belinda Lyone, General Manager, COS

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