How to build a killer sales team for your business

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If one thing’s universal in business, it’s that great sales people equal great revenue. You’ll want the best of the best to send business profits upwards, but where are they? And how are you going to convince the cream of the sales crop to join your company? Never fear, the answers are here.

Assess your product or service and hire accordingly

A fantastic medical product salesperson may not be the best choice for your energy company. Although the mark of a great salesperson is their ability to sell anything, keeping your search industry-specific will ensure that you reap all the benefits that come with hiring someone who is used to dealing with your target client base.

Write a job ad that targets your perfect candidate

Sell to the sales person! You’ll want to entice the perfect candidate enough to join your business, and that starts with the job ad. Make it easy to read, clearly define responsibilities and emphasise the perks and benefits – these are the most important qualities of your ad for the applicant.

Interviews should focus heavily on intangible qualities

You’ve already got a good grasp of their experience from their CV. When the time comes to interview, prepare to assess their persona in both a professional and personal sense. Do they express a “gift of the gab” while they talk to you? How confident do they appear? Do they act as if they are really listening to you? Are they well-presented? All these nuances are important to note down. After all, if they’re not engaging you, how will they engage your customers?

Sure they can sell, but do they fit?

So you’ve weeded out the most confident, experienced and personable sales people, but how will they get along with the existing team? During the interview process, cultural fit should also be something that comes to mind. The way a team gels together can have an immense impact on the productivity of your business.

Seek professional opinions

If you’re still unsure as to whether you’ve selected the best for your business, you should usually go with your gut and hold off on hiring. A recruitment agency will help you until you find the perfect match for your sales team, and they’ll be able to put you in touch with candidates that may not come to you themselves.

Brought to you by Eve O’Connell, Marketing & Administration Assistant, ROC Consulting Group

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