Global opportunity knocks on psychologist’s virtual office door

Servcorp, global provider of Coworking spaces, Serviced Offices and Virtual Offices, have announced the worldwide launch of the Servcorp Community. The Community is a unique business directory and networking platform that provides all 35,000+ Servcorp clients with a trusted and secure virtual office where they can collaborate, connect and promote their business across Servcorp’s global network. The Community provides an opportunity for enterprises looking to expand their network and grow their business.

Communicate31 is one such business that has seen the benefits of networking at Servcorp. Clare Mann, psychologist and founder of Communicate31, a personal leadership and communications company, has been a Servcorp Virtual Office client for over four years. With her home base in the Blue Mountains of NSW, a professional CBD presence in Sydney has been key to Clare’s success. Mann is a regular speaker, and attendee at Servcorp’s Community Meets networking events and can testify to the opportunities it has brought her business.

“The trusted network is a strong point at Servcorp and now of The Community. People like to do business with people they trust. Familiarity is an element of trust. As a Servcorp client or verified member, I know they pay their bills and are professional. Other popular online networking platforms make it impossible to ascertain the credibility of the member. There are lots of fake profiles on social media.”

Mann attributes much of her business growth to Servcorp, “I have obtained clients through direct contact and attending my speaking events. I have also given clients to people, made introductions and referred people.”

Mann added, “It makes it easier to connect with other businesses and one can follow-up easily because you have the Servcorp link in common.”

Excited about the opportunities that may come knocking at her virtual office address in Market St, Sydney, Mann remarked, “The Community will mean I can market to potential clients in other countries without spending thousands on advertising and marketing. I’ll be able to promote both my personal brand and my business. The Community enables businesses to thrive in a global economy”.

Chief Operating Officer of Servcorp, Marcus Moufarrige agrees.

“Servcorp, aside from being one of the only truly global operators of flexible workspaces, has built a global infrastructure and telecommunications network that gives our clients the ability to connect with the world. Servcorp Community is the final piece of the puzzle that allows our client to connect with each other; giving small businesses and multi-nationals alike a global reach in physical presence, infrastructure and community,” Moufarrige says.

“Creating a successful business is not just about local collaboration, but about getting access to resources that will make your business grow. The Servcorp Community will deliver this for the lucky people who get to join us.,” he adds.

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