Get your groove back with your mumpreneur ideas

Want mumpreneur ideas? Early motherhood can be an opportune time so learn how a mother found what she’s truly passionate about and earn a steady income from it.

As a mother, time is no longer your own. As your identity changes, and your top priority is no longer Friday night drinks, women on maternity leave or “stay at home mothers” often reach a point where their once professional — or mumpreneur — self feels like a distant memory.

After 12 or so months of changing nappies and dealing with sleepless nights, the thought of picking yourself up and heading back to work can be very daunting. In fact, it’s a thought that 32%* of women admitted they were “not confident” in doing.

Some concerns they have are, among others: “Am I still qualified? Will I cope? What if I fall behind? What if my position has changed?”

Having a baby can be highly fulfilling time personally, but having to be at home away from work and not using your creativity, knowledge and skills can really rattle a part of your confidence. I know, I’ve been there, too!

Motherhood is the perfect time to get your groove back. Did you know that you could tap into your real passion and share your personal and professional expertise by creating your own online course?

From my experience, early motherhood was the time when I could really find what I’m truly passionate about. I could explore what I was good at because I had to take a compulsory pause from my everyday nine-to-five routine. Those challenges and fun times with your baby shows that you have hidden skills and strengths that you never knew existed.

It can help you get your priorities refined for the next phase of your life. This was when I decided to share my professional skills with the world through my very own online course. I created it at my time and pace – mostly during my toddlers nap times.

I not only honed my personal and professional skills, I even started earning a stream of passive income as a full time mom.

Mothers, the world is literally at your fingertips – find something you love doing and share it with the world. The CourseSchool is structured to help you:

1. Bring out the entrepreneur in you

Build your own online training business that changes the direction of your life.

2. Make money

Online courses offer a more structured way to package your entire expertise as opposed to blogging.

3. Make new connections

Link up with a likeminded community of students who seek your expertise – what’s best is, they pay you for it!

4. Offer convenience and flexibility

You can create, train and sell your courses around your baby’s schedule. You control what and how many courses – as well as for how long they will be on offer.

5. Provide clarity on your purpose and vision

It will boost your confidence and reinforce what you are really good at.

6. Be affordable

Online learning platforms can eliminate some of the costs often associated with hosting and delivery of courses.

7. Be less intimidating

Online courses are less intimidating than the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom or even live webinars.

As a mom with a busy family lifestyle, time completely escapes you every day. If you have all the information required on creating, building and selling online courses at just a mouse click away, there is no excuse not to turn your passion and expertise into a commercial opportunity.

* National study commissioned by skills recognition specialist Get Qualified Australia, which involved 550 Australian mothers

Shilpa Bhouraskar, Director of Course School

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