Five tips for your best work Christmas party ever

Psst… It’s six weeks until Christmas! Unfortunately, it’s a tight time of year for many businesses, yet it’s the time of year employees expect the most. It’s so important to stop and celebrate your employees and business achievements at Christmas, but not blow out your budget doing it. There is still time to avoid the festive season money worries, and to create a “champagne party on a beer budget”.

Here are five tips to make sure this year feels like your best work Christmas party ever. And It will make the bosses happy because it also came in on budget!

  1. Party with other companies

If you share an office space with another company, or collaborate with other businesses, ask them to consider sharing the space and cost of throwing a Christmas party. This will make the party feel big and festive, but shares the costs of catering, venue, and entertainment. Take it one step further and book a place where you can bring your own supplies, such as drinks, which will save even more on major party costs.

  1. Get them home in style, safely

Give your employees the “Silver Service” by getting them to and from the work Christmas party safely, and within budget, by booking transport in advance. Cabcharge’s FASTeTICKET allow employers to set a number of travel terms like set fare amounts, the day of use and expiry dates, which means you can set the budget before the night even starts. You can also be smart about avoiding penalties like surge and cancellation charges by pre-booking with 13CABS or Silver Service via the 13CABS and Silver Service apps.

  1. Don’t be silly this season…ask for a deal

Sometimes it’s not affordable to take the first package offer given to you. Don’t be shy to ask for better prices, or different package options, or to shop around. You don’t get what you don’t ask for!

  1. Form a social club

If everyone chips in throughout the year, there will be enough extra money to top up your Christmas party budget.

  1. DIY entertainment

Focus on getting the party vibe right for your staff. Does one of your employees have a band? Ask them to play a set. You may be surprised at the hidden talents in your staff that will really get the party started.

Be creative and start planning now. By just starting with these five tips, you’ll save money and still have a great party for your staff. The first step is to get your budget in order and stick to it.

Tammy Barton, Founder, MyBudget

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