Five steps to help you find your way out of a work slump

After a long day of being deskbound, it’s common to feel sluggish. As 3 pm approaches, you can find yourself falling into the all too familiar post-lunch slump. Despite your morning productivity, you sometimes feel fatigued, unable to focus and contemplating brewing a third cup of coffee for the day. Sound familiar?

Making a few simple changes to your daily working routine can help you maintain productivity throughout the day. Next time you reach the afternoon slump, consider taking these simple steps.

One task at a time

In an attempt to race through your to-do-list before the day is done, you may find yourself juggling more tasks than you can handle. Instead of jumping between different tasks, it is far more efficient to regain your focus and tackle one task at a time.

To regain the morning’s momentum and avoid burnout, try breaking your to-do-list into more realistically sized tasks. This will enable you to regain your focus and help you to feel on top of your workload.

Get your body moving

Working in a sedentary environment can cause reduced blood flow which often leaves you feeling drained and lethargic. Introducing short bursts of activity to your work day routine can be a great way to get your body moving and combat lethargy.

Gentle stretching or even a short walk around the office can help get your blood flowing and overcome feelings of fatigue.

Pack protein-filled healthy lunch

We often talk about breakfast being the most important meal. However, a good lunch is needed to help sustain your energy levels throughout the day.

A protein-packed lunch will leave you feeling fuller for longer and with energy to power through your afternoon tasks. If you’re still feeling peckish after lunch, try to avoid loading up on unhealthy snacks. Carbs and sugar may give you a brief spike of energy, but this is often shortly followed by an energy crash.

Next time you crave a quick pick me up snack, try opting for healthier options like fruit, nuts or chopped veggies with hummus.

Switch tasks

It’s easy to suddenly hit a wall after hours of working away on the same project. Rather than staring blankly at your screen, it is far more productive to switch tasks.

When you are stuck in a rut, hitting the pause button to put aside a task to work on another project is the best way to stay productive. Working on another task will keep your mind stimulated and help give you the clarity you need to return to your original project feeling refreshed.

Take a tea break

If you’re having trouble overcoming the humdrum of your afternoon tasks, finding an activity to break up your day can help put a spring back in your step. Stepping away from your desk to enjoy a quiet moment with a cup of tea can be just enough to help you beat the slump. Introducing mid-afternoon tea into your routine can help break up your day so that you can return to your desk ready to power through your afternoon to-do-list.

When you’re starting to feel fatigued behind the desk, try incorporating these steps into your day to boost your energy levels. Making just a few simple changes to your working routine can help bring back focus and get the ball rolling after the post-lunch slump.

Belinda Lyone, General Manager, COS

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