Expense tracking tool for SMEs launched

Moneytree, an Asia Pacific-based financial data aggregation and portability platform, has recently launched its expense tracking solution for SMEs in Australia called Moneytree Work Expenses.

Moneytree Work Expenses is an upgrade to Moneytree’s existing personal financial management app that offers self-employed and SMEs a range of DIY solutions, including: automatic categorisation of transactions, storage of receipts in the cloud, and export of expense claims generated by the app.

Moneytree’s app integrates easily with third-party financial service providers. The SME tool also provides full data portability, meaning users can export any and all of their data to Excel or CSV.

Commenting on the launch of Moneytree Work Expenses, Moneytree CEO and Founder Paul Chapman said, “We are excited to introduce our expenses tracking solution for SMEs to the Australian market. This tool has proved a success in Japan, where it launched in 2015, and is currently growing in popularity, boasting 25 per cent increase in total users in January to March 2018.”

Chapman added, “Many expense solutions rely on disparate sources of data, requiring extra work to bring them together and organise them. Moneytree’s solution uniquely provides users with the ability to see a consolidated view of their own bank, credit card and debit card transactions, and easily flag which transactions were made on behalf of a business, or employer.

“We understand that managing expenses can be challenging for employers, employees and the self-employed, which is why we decided to develop a tool to easily manage expenses on mobile devices. Now you can manage the work aspects of your finances on the train, between meetings, or even while sipping your first flat white of the day,” he concluded.

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