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75% of the fully-employed workforce consider themselves to be ‘passive candidates’ that are open to job opportunities*. Engaging and hiring these passive candidates is a challenge for HR teams. To be successful, teams must be proactive and should consider implementing recruitment technology to help them make better hiring decisions and improve the process for candidates.

Best-in-class companies are 30% more likely to invest in new technology that makes recruitment more engaging**. Engaging recruitment technology puts businesses ahead of the competition by ensuring the talent acquisition process is smooth, efficient, and interesting for all parties involved, not just the candidate.

We have identified three ways technology can empower recruitment teams to be successful:

  1. User experience

The recruitment team’s user experience should be simple, mobile, and should help them make the candidate’s experience as smooth as possible. Mobile-optimised recruitment technologies mean users can use any device, anywhere, and anytime that suits them. This helps to streamline interactions with passive candidates and reduces the number of candidates lost due to poor experience, especially if it takes too long.

  1. Collaboration

Organisations that let recruitment teams collaborate on candidates are almost twice as likely to grow hiring manager satisfaction and customer satisfaction on a year-on-year basis*. Recruitment technology can support team collaboration with tools that let them comment, thumbs-up, and ask questions of their colleagues about candidates.

  1. Hire quality analytics

Recruitment technology can help companies determine if candidates are the right fit for different roles and can track how well new employees acclimate to the company, the role, and their responsibilities. Recruitment technologies make it simpler to measure and understand quality of hire, and analyse trends.

Technologies that let recruitment teams analyse quality of hire data can gain ongoing powerful data insights that have a significant impact on the bottom-line. For example, it can make it clear where cost savings in the recruitment process can be made.

*Empower hiring managers and recruiter today to own recruiting tomorrow, Aberdeen, September 2015


Rob van Es, COO, REFFIND

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