Don’t let bad stuff ‘appen

Best apps to incorporate security measures and keep your business safe.

We’ve hunted high and low! So get down with the best apps to keep your business safe.

Security is a growing concern for small businesses – hackers see them as more vulnerable than large corporations with huge budgets to protect their systems. So you need to ensure your networks are protected as quickly, efficiently and reasonably as possible.

These apps provide instant, cost-effective solutions to the biggest risks businesses face to their IT systems, computers and mobile devices.

Norton Security & Antivirus

  • all Android devices
  • cost depends on number of users, devices

Norton offers security, protection and privacy for smartphones and tablets. It enables you to lock your device remotely – protecting your data if it’s lost or stolen, triggering an audible alarm if you mislay your device – and features a remote tracking system to locate it.

The antivirus software constantly scans your device, blocking any malware or viruses designed to access your data or impact on performance. Its privacy features enable you to block unwanted calls or text messages to your phone, and to delete the data on your device remotely if it falls into the wrong hands.

Optus Security

  • PCS, Some Mac features
  • $3 per month per device

Optus Security offers anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam and anti-phishing protection. Its OfficeAppS portal allows your security administrator to monitor all the computers in your business, and to limit access to backed-up data to prevent it being stolen.

Additional features available on PCs, but not Macs, are an inbuilt firewall and browsing protection that prevents employees from accessing inappropriate websites. The app can be downloaded easily via an installation wizard, and its users have access to phone and email-based technical support.

McAfee LiveSafe

  • PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets
  • annual fee $129.95

McAfee LiveSafe saves your devices from viruses, malware, spyware and programs designed to hold them – and your data – to ransom.

The app also provides secure cloud storage, allowing you to store and retrieve data as and when required, safe in the knowledge that it can only be seen by those you authorise to do so.

DigitalPersona Pro Software

  • cost based on number of users

Many people struggle to come up with passwords that are sufficiently complex to prevent unauthorised access to their computers and mobile devices, while still remembering them! More and more businesses are doing away with passwords altogether.

Digital Persona Pro is a fingerprint-based authentication system that can be set up on single devices, corporate networks and shared workstations.


  • Android, iPad
  • free

Unforeseen circumstances can occur in business, even when you have taken the best precautions – a break-in, bushfire, or systems failure can be disruptive and potentially stop you operating at all. The Australian Government’s business website has created an app that will help you through an emergency. MyBizShield provides a step-by-step guide to creating and implementing a recovery plan.

The app helps you prepare for an emergency, make the right decisions during it and get back up and running as soon as possible afterwards. It enables you to devise a clear plan and know at any given moment which aspects you have ticked off and what still needs to be done. MyBizShield is adaptable, so you can tailor the recovery plan for your business, and can be backed up in a number of different ways to be easily accessible when it is needed.

Business WPN Accelerate

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) enables data to be sent between your employees, customers and suppliers around the world across the internet in a secure way, recreating a private network across a public one. All data is encrypted and sent via a ‘tunnel’ that prevents others users not linked to the VPN from accessing it.

A VPN incorporates security measures that can slow down your systems’ performance, but Business VPN Accelerate – devised by Orange Business Services – offers high performance alongside a secure network. It has over 200,000 servers around the world that allow data to be transferred 10 times faster than was previously possible.

Tim Ladhams

This article first appeared in issue 11 of the Inside Small Business quarterly magazine

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