COVID-19 survival guide for SMEs: How to get back momentum…and keep it!

Crises are rarely convenient and they’re never fun. As the world is in the grip of the single biggest disruption in living memory that has takem all the momentum out of our economy, the way we and our organisations navigate the coming months will be critical.

In the final episode of our series of videos from leading business experts on how small business can survive the Coronavirus crisis, the man with the plan is best-selling author Michael McQueen. Having spent 15 years studying the secrets of building momentum, he will show you how to take control and thrive, even in turbulent times. Michael shares his insights into:

  • Why fear is the biggest enemy of creativity.
  • What is the biggest secret to get back momentum.
  • Understanding the art of the reframe and refocus.
  • How to know when to prune and when to cut.
  • What should be your main focus as a leader.

As well as these videos, the seminar at which they were launched offered info about free business resources and prizes you can find here.

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