COVID-19 survival guide for SMEs: How to better connect with customers and retain top talent

In times of stress and confusion, many business owners are under more pressure to communicate with poise and purpose. It’s our job to be clear and lead the way, no matter how much stress we are feeling on a personal level.

In this episode of our series of videos from leading business experts on how small business can survive the Coronavirus crisis, strategic communications expert Jane Anderson shares how you go about getting your message out to your community, even in time of crisis. Jane clearly articulates the best way to connect with your audience through these top tips:

  • How often to post content on social platforms.
  • What content to share and when to post content.
  • How to deal with trolls and stressed responses.
  • How to stay courageous for your community.

As well as these videos, the seminar at which they were launched offered info about free business resources and prizes you can find here.

Brought to you by Dale Beaumont, Founder, Business Blueprint

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