Cost-effective insights and analysis for small-business owners

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Only a small-business operator can know the unrelenting pressure of conflicting demands on time that comes with the territory. Now there is a way to cope better, and be more successful through cost-effective insights and analysis.

Of course, every win is great satisfaction, but there’s always the next thing to do, and you’re never really sure you didn’t “leave money on the table” at the last sale. All-in-all, managing a small or medium business is a fight for more sales and more profit, along with a constant battle against the clock and calendar.

You can get release from this treadmill with a tailored program that’s been helping SMEs for 20 years. The My Red Zebra program has been designed to give SMEs more power, and greater insights with analysis tools that bring corporate scale analysis without the corporate costs.

Owners and managers can make better, more informed decisions. In the hurly-burly of day-to-day operations, there is not enough time for proper analysis and planning. My Red Zebra business tools that come with consulting support can change all that.

All small-business people recognise profit as the key to success, but the usual insights and analysis don’t go far enough, take too long and are too hard to implement.

On the other hand, My Red Zebra clients get this analysis done for them, and interpreted each month. We’re there to help when and as needed. When client’s make proper use of the My Red Zebra tools and consultations, there are returns each year that clearly exceed the cost of the program. We have a client who, by changing his price profile, was able to add $36,000 more to gross profit in a typical year.

My Red Zebra tools are quite sophisticated, so they are quick and economical to apply. Clients can use the tools to do their own analysis when they need it too.

The principle is so simple. Nothing you do in business is worth a cracker, unless the number works out – so My Red Zebra starts with a client’s numbers, and begins work straight way at getting both more profit and a more competitive offer.

Marketing is vital, because no business plan is worth a cracker either, unless you engage with the market. My Red Zebra can help here, if that’s what a client needs. The program for each client is different because each client is different.

When the commercial management and marketing are all in line, the success of a business depends on people. It’s not surprising then that a program aimed at helping an SME also offers HR support. Really this is the kind of stuff corporate managers expect, and SMEs never get. Until My Red Zebra.

The program is offered on a monthly basis so that the time commitment is never a burden to the time-poor SME manager.

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Brought to you by Max Williams, Principal Consultant, My Red Zebra

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