How to get your work mojo back!

Are you finding that you are not as excited about working in your own business as you used to? Are you wondering where the energy and passion has gone? Are you needing to get your work mojo back? It’s perfectly naturally for some of the romance to go out of running your own business, particularly if you have been in business for a while or haven’t taken a recent break.

All business owners even the really enthusiastic ones can get in a slump and temporarily lose their work mojo. It’s not a great state to be in and it can affect your business bottom line. So if you’ve lost your mojo, it’s time to take action!

Of course, going on a holiday is usually the best thing so if you can, organise one now if not, then look to do something different outside of your business. Recently, I have been working towards a classical piano exam the first one in 30 years… yikes! I have been surprised at the positive effects this playing has had on my work and business. It has improved my focus (yes, it’s true classical music does help you think more clearly) and my problem solving ability has really sharpened. I’m not saying the answer to getting your business mojo back lies in classical music, rather in finding something outside of work that is challenging.

This will be a different something for each of you. It might be taking up personal training, running a fun run, learning to make fresh pasta, taking a Zumba class, belly dancing or attending a business networking event for the first time. Just being out of your comfort zone and stimulating your brain in a new way changes your energy and allows you to think differently.

Professional development can also do this so consider enrolling in a workshop, seminar or conference. Attending a training course about a new technology that can help your business may generate instant enthusiasm to improve processes and become more efficient in your business. The most important thing is to take action. So stop reading now and book into that Hip Hop Street Cred Adult Dance class you’ve been dying to do and remember it will be good for business.

Ailsa Page, Small Business Marketing Expert and Director, AP Marketing Works

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