Australian workers feeling the pinch

Are you working to the bone? Are you worried about job security? Is there a bad vibe in your workplace vibe? If you feel that your wellbeing is not being looked after sufficiently at work you are far from alone, with a new workplace report finding that 73 per cent of Australian workers are stressed because of their work.

The report, Workplace Wellbeing from the “a future that works” campaign, found that the most common causes of workplace stress included:

  • unrealistic workload expectations (48 per cent)
  • job insecurity (41 per cent), and
  • low team morale (38 per cent).

And despite these concerning results, only 24 per cent of Australian workers feel as if their workplaces have made an effort to improve workplace wellbeing.

“a future that works” lead researcher, Dr Lindsay McMillan, said the results should be a red flag for businesses throughout the country.

“Workplaces must engage in a meaningful renewal process to address these concerning results,” Dr McMillan said. “Businesses will ultimately suffer if employees are dissatisfied and stressed in the environment they work in.”

Despite the clear concerns from employees, the research shows more than half (57 per cent) of Australian workers do not have a workplace wellbeing plan in place in their workplace.

“It’s vitally important that workplaces actively pursue renewal agendas, especially during times of rapid change,” Dr McMillan said. “As technology continues to impact how work is conducted, there is a real risk that employee wellbeing is becoming secondary to work output.”

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