Australian firm named top in APAC for business automation

Australian firm Exent was recently named in APAC’s top 10 consultancies for Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

The prestigious list published by CIO Magazine recognises companies throughout the Asia Pacific region working to deliver breakthrough operational efficiency through smarter automation.

“To be named on this list, and as one of only three Australian companies, is a huge honour”, said Exent CEO Joe Fazzari. “We’re at a tipping point where faster, more agile, business-led process automation is enabling companies to transform everything from sales to service, from finance to operations.”.

Fazzari added, “RPA is now a key feature in breakthrough digital transformation. Considered an enterprise gamechanger, it allows businesses to transform processes at a low cost and with the kind of agility not seen with legacy approaches.”

In historical terms, process robotics does for the desktop what industrial robotics did for the production line – automate the vast majority of work that human operators perform daily on standard applications.

The achievement comes as Optus releases its much-anticipated Enterprise 4.0 report on the future of work. It\’s the largest study of its kind in Australia and there are some findings many have found alarming.

The biggest of those is that there’s a huge performance gap between enterprises that have invested in digital transformations and agile automation, and those that still rely on traditional methods. Experts say that if it is not addressed, Australian enterprises risk being overtaken by global companies that are already optimizing their asset performance.

The report also outlines what companies must do to succeed in the next industrial era, among them, adopting top emerging technologies such as RPA. The benefits of using process robots have been extolled to eliminate manual errors, reduce labour, slash lead and queue times, operate 24/7, improve service quality and allow businesses to scale up at a fraction of what it would otherwise cost.

“The big difference between a company using RPA and not is productivity”, Fazzari said. “We’ve seen businesses absolutely transform. Staff are re-focused on the things that matter, systems are no longer constraining outcomes and leaders simply sleep better at night.”

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