Amazon an opportunity not a threat for small business

There has been much debate about the enormous threat Amazon is posing to Australian small-business owners by opening its new fulfillment center in Melbourne.

While existing bricks-and-mortar business owners might see Amazon coming to Australia as a threat, they should rather view it as an opportunity to participate in the massive shift from offline to online retail shopping, according to Adam Hudson, an entrepreneur and expert on Amazon.

“It’s estimated that Aussies already spend around $800,000,000 annually on Amazon in the US,” says Hudson. “This level of sales means that Amazon is already one of the largest retailers to Australians and they haven’t even set foot in the country.

“Amazon is disrupting retail just as Uber has disrupted the taxi industry and Airbnb has disrupted the hotel industry.”

Hudson says that bricks-and- mortar small-business owners don’t have to compete against the largest online retailer in the world, they can rather use the platform to sell to a much larger customer base.

Amazon has already launched its registration page for sellers who want to sell into the Australian market. They can get their product(s) in there without going through a lengthy approval process. This allows ordinary Australians to sell products alongside more established retailers.

“These Australian shoppers are paying massive freight charges and waiting weeks to get their goods. What do you think will happen when they can get free two-day shipping via Amazon Prime?” asks Hudson.

According to The Australian, analysts are predicting that Amazon will grow to around $4B in Australia, and quickly. This opportunity has been unheard of up until now in Australia, according to Hudson. He says that for existing bricks-and-mortar business owners and those with an entrepreneurial mindset, it will create the biggest business opportunity they’ve seen in their lifetime. He says that the behemoth’s arrival is going to change the way Australian’s shop both online and offline.

“You can either watch it from the side lines, or you can participate in the disruption and create financial freedom for your family in the process,” Hudson concludes.

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