Three reasons why a virtual receptionist is a great investment for your business

A virtual receptionist service is fast becoming a popular way to reduce expenses and use staff resources more efficiently. Whether your business has a dedicated receptionist or shares the responsibility of answering calls between other staff members, there are some good reasons why you should consider a virtual receptionist for your business.

What is a virtual receptionist?

Virtual receptionists are a 24/7 professional phone answering service where calls are answered by operators on your behalf, as if they were based at the business premises. Once the call is answered by an operator, the call will be transferred directly to the intended recipient and a message with the call information is sent via SMS or Email.

Your calls are always answered

For many businesses, finding staff to cover when another staff member is sick or to answer calls over public holidays, weekends can be a real challenge. Using a virtual reception service can help ensure your calls are always answered as the service operates 24/7, all year round.

Get more productivity from your staff

In the absence of a dedicated receptionist, most businesses will share the responsibility of answering calls among staff members. While answering calls is a priority for any business, it can take your focus away from other tasks. Virtual reception services help relieve your staff members from answering calls, meaning they can continue focusing on other important work while calls are still tended to.

Reduce staffing costs

Hiring full-time staff can be costly. With sick leave, holidays and overtime, a full-time receptionist can cost thousands of dollars per year. Depending on the number of calls being received on a daily basis, for many businesses a virtual receptionist is often the cheaper option. And even though virtual receptionists are a fraction of the cost, the quality of customer service given to your callers will still be at the same exceptional level.

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