How to recruit to scale a business

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Recruiting the right people is essential when scaling a business, and often using an agency is the best way to go about it. However, there are several methods used to recruit talent: and it’s important to research the one that works for you.

Often, businesses work on a contingent basis with agencies, engaging with several at a time with the fee based on the advertised job role’s salary and no financial reward until a candidate fills the role. However, working with one company exclusively in a retained capacity is usually better. Here, a business uses a clear payment plan, with one third paid upfront and the rest provided when the role is filled.

Briefing and working with a single, expert agency helps employers to source the best talent so that they can continue with their day job. The terms can be easily agreed upon with a split payment plan agreeable to both. This all takes the pain away from the client, and the candidate will have a better experience and be represented with the best intentions, with a salary they are willing to accept.

When recruiting, here are five key principles that business owners and managers should consider:

Choose the right agency

When working with a recruitment agency, it’s important to research and make sure they have some experience in your market. Experience can be confirmed by asking for past case studies of what they have delivered. It helps to agree terms before any engagement commences too, such as payment dates, rebate period with percentage and a schedule for delivery. Ideally, you give a project to an agency exclusively or on a retained basis.

Make sure the agency is fully briefed

Ensuring the agency has a clear understanding of the job description is essential. Arrange a detailed call with them to discuss the role you’re looking to fill to ensure they can fully brief the candidates. It can be costly to get it wrong, so take the time to do this, as well as talking through all expectations so you’re not left feeling disappointed in any way.

Good communication skills

The key to completing a painless placement comes down to honesty, transparency and regular communication between yourself and the agency you hire. This will help the momentum, and there is an old saying, ‘time kills deals’; in other words, any delay from either party can cause a problem. It is imperative to keep close to the agency throughout the entire process.

Promote your company’s culture

To ensure you recruit somebody that’s the right fit for your business, it’s a good idea to get across how you treat your people and discuss your company’s culture with the agency you hire. You want to be confident in knowing that when an agency finds somebody suitable for an interview, they will also fit in with the rest of the team.

Make sure you make the right offer and help through to onboarding

A standout agency will be able to relay any amendments regarding a job offer without causing any alarm or delay in the acceptance of the role. By having an agency on board, they can advise the candidate on the steps to take, such as resigning from their current employer in a sensitive, and professional manner.

When candidates try to leave their current employer, it is common for them to receive a counter-offer. However, according to recruitment consultants Office Angels, “many would advise you to decline the counter-offer. According to the statistics, up to 80 per cent of those who accept counteroffers end up leaving their current employer within six months, and nine out of 10 leave within a year”. Agencies can become valuable consultants in such situations.