How small businesses can attract high-performing staff

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Since 2020, the job market has completely changed! Small businesses now wield a great deal of influence for attracting high performing talent; the Great Resignation, which is currently taking place around the world, has established a whole new playing field for businesses. There are numerous advantages to working for a small business, and candidates are becoming aware of the appeal.

If you’re struggling to find the right people in the current market, here are seven ways your small business can attract high-performing talent:

1. Offer flexible work options or remote working

The events of the past two years have brought about a fundamental change in how people work; how it should be done, where it can be done from, how many hours of their time it should constitute and when to be in the office.

With scores of people moving out of the crowded urban areas for quieter, coastal or inland lifestyles, it has allowed people to reflect and review their life and develop a work-life balance, which they’re unwilling to give up.

Flexible work options and remote working is now a game-changer; and is typically one of the first questions asked during the recruitment process.

2. Listen to your current staff

The first step to recruiting the right people for your business is to listen to what your current staff have to say; What do they love about working with you? What do they need? What challenges do they face? Where do they need assistance?

When you get to know your people and why they enjoy working for you, you’ll be able to market your company to new candidates.

3. Have a great social game

Your brand’s social media or online presence is important, people will research when considering you as a place of employment. Ensure your social media presence is up to date, on brand, highlights your people and benefits, showcases your culture and well-being programs.
If your social media presence is out of date or doesn’t market your company as a great place to work, you will miss out on attracting the right talent.  

4. Offer equity or shares

Company equity or shares is an attractive aspect of a salary arrangement. It is a great way to attract and incentivise high performing talent as they will feel like they are part of the business and not just another headcount.

5. Invest in a great recruiter

You know who knows the job market even better than you do? A recruiter! Great recruiters don’t just send blanket messages, they headhunt and will find who you’re looking for. Recruiters have the connections and marketplace knowledge to not only speed up your search but also produce more than one or two potential candidates for you to interview. 

It is important to select the right recruiter to work with, so don’t be afraid to interview a few before you select one.

6. Map out your year ahead

Have a clear idea of where your business is going and the growth opportunities for your candidates. High performing talent love a challenge, so make sure you can clearly outline the career milestones they can hit within your business.

7. Create a community

And last, but certainly not least, create a workplace that is community-based and connected. Have an environment where your people have the tools to collaborate to support employee engagement and foster relationships with colleagues. 

As a small business, you’re in a prime position to attract high performing talent by implementing some of our above suggestions. Good luck with the candidate search!