Digital natives helping small businesses in the post-pandemic world

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Woman working from home. Freelance working at home. She is designing her laptop on the desk

Fiverr’s latest Small Business Needs Index reveals that Aussie small-business owners are seeking digital natives and web-savvy experts to help them compete online in the wake of the accelerated digital shift brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report specifically noted that freelancers that are knowledgeable about YouTube monetisation and Google Analytics are the most in-demand freelancers in the country.

In full, the top 10 freelancers in demand this year and their corresponding demand growth from last year are as follows:

  • Youtube monetisation experts; 120 per cent growth.
  • Google Analytic experts; 94 per cent growth.
  • SEO services for Shopify; 93 per cent growth.
  • vTubers; 88 per cent growth.
  • Website content creators; 83 per cent growth.
  • Social media content; 63 per cent growth.
  • Australian voice over talent; 49 per cent growth.
  • Social media management; 44 per cent growth.
  • Video editors; 39 per cent growth.
  • Instagram Infuencer marketing; 16 per cent growth.

Research firm McKinsey previously predicted early this year that 2021 would see a rise in non-conventional businesses, and ways of working to match, which Fiverr notes lines up with their findings.

In 2020 Fiverr’s Small Business Needs Index reported that Australians were turning their passions into profits and taking their businesses online, with strong demand for Shopify experts. In 2021, Fiverr noted that Australians are now analysing the fruits of last year’s labour and are building on the successes this has brought.

“As businesses continue to invest in their success online, there is an immense opportunity for professionals who are skilled in these trending service areas to offer their work and enhance earnings with some Fiverr freelancers earning as much as $120k a year in additional income,” Peggy de Lange, Fiverr’s VP of International Expansion, said.

The Fiverr Small Business Needs Index analyses data from millions of searches across Fiverr in predicting what’s trending and what areas small businesses are seeking support.