How to have impact with your team and where to aim it


To have a positive impact on any team the most important thing you can do is to become a person of positive impact or influence for the people around you. I strongly believe 50 per cent of our job is done when we lead by example; we must act, behave, and commit to our actions at work, by walking the talk and aligning our personal vision with our professional vision. You do not need a script to talk, just be aligned to have an impact on your team for their professional development.

In our business, our philosophy is to enable our people to fulfil their dreams. The goal is to provide an uplifting, encouraging environment so our team can fulfil their dreams. For our team, it’s most important to provide exceptional customer service to our clients, to fulfil their dreams through property. Therefore, we promote the “One Team, One Goal” philosophy, and we work together to enhance our customer service and maximise the return on our clients’ properties.

Creating impact for your teams

To have maximum impact on your teams, ensure your people feel a part of the vision and decision-making process. Share your business or your vision and values with the team and importantly, show them the value or short/long term benefits they will be getting from the vision. Do this at every opportunity as it helps teams align with the company vision and perform better.

Empowering your people

Empowering your team is one of the most important roles you can do as a leader it has countless benefits. This can be done by providing regular training upskilling and performance. By upskilling your people, they will feel empowered and motivated, further engaged, and truly believe you value them and their contribution to the business. Training team members help your people to understand their role better and how it can support the company and those they are working alongside.

Provide ownership and leadership

This provides them with the ability to determine for themselves, what needs to be done with the best interest of the clients and business in mind. It allows for freedom of strategic thinking and the development of fundamental leadership skills that otherwise may have been lying dormant. By cultivating leadership within your team members, they are inspired to think creatively and inspire others to do the same.

Have your teams ask, “How are they going to take ownership of the work they do?” The right team member does not want to be micromanaged.

If you truly want to have your teams listen to you, listen to your teams

By ensuring your people are valued and heard, you will find unity, loyalty, and respect. If your people feel they can relate to you they are more likely to want to work with you to overcome any challenges they may be facing, either personally or professionally. Learn about your people. What’s important to them. What are their dreams and goals? Your job as leader is to get them close to what they aspire to achieve in life.

It’s not just business

One of the major ways to create an impact on your people is to create some fun and celebration for your organisation. Whether this is team-building events; dinner on the river; online trivia nights (thanks lockdown) or Friday lunches, we consistently express gratitude and appreciation alongside recognition. We make it personal. Welcome gifts to new recruits; birthday celebrations; anniversary gifts are all ways you can win the hearts of your team members and show them clearly you appreciate who they are and what they bring to the business.