Majority of diners support restaurants requiring proof of vaccination

Payments company Zeller’s Hospitality Report: Diner-Led Insights to Recovery reveals that an overwhelming majority of diners support the measures Australian restaurants are putting in place to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The report indicates that 74 per cent of the 1000 diners surveyed would support a venue requesting proof of vaccination certification and 60 per cent are willing to show a recent negative COVID test if requested to do so in order to dine at a venue.

Diners are also going out of their way beyond supporting the restaurants’ vaccination policies, helping contain further spread of the virus in their own way. Almost nine in ten respondents, 88 per cent, who plan to eat at restaurants post-lockdown are going cash-free, opting instead for contactless payments when settling the bill.

As to where they intend to dine, 67 per cent of diners say that post-lockdown, their preference will be to dine at and support hospitality venues in their local community. This sentiment was more expressly felt in Victoria, where diners have been in lockdown now for over 230 days and 75 per cent of Victorians said they are more likely to support local dining establishments.

“The insights in the Zeller Hospitality Report point to an optimistic outlook for hospitality business owners as they reopen for more patrons in the coming weeks,” Zeller’s CEO and co-founder Ben Pfisterer said. “We’re excited to support them as they recover after a tough 18 months of restricted trading and lockdowns.

“Data will be the key to success as business owners navigate the new-norm of COVID-safe dining,” Pfisterer added. “Access to business insights will be critical for them to track how their performance is changing day to-day, week-to-week and across their venues.”

Zeller merchant Belinda Porra, manager of Bar Positano in Sydney’s Surry Hills, welcomed customer sentiment in accepting the potential need to show proof of vaccination when eating out. “Many of our customers are getting vaccinated because they want that freedom. We will always offer options for those who aren’t vaccinated, as we don’t want to exclude any of our customers.”