Exhaustion and operator burn-out


As I sit here today I am totally exhausted its 4 pm and I’ve been at my computer for 12 hours. That’s life when you work at home in your small tourism business. It’s normal, I can, so I do. It was only a few weeks ago that I felt completely the opposite. So, what’s different now?

The tour season has begun in Far North Queensland and we have motorcycle tours heading up to the Cape each week. It’s been a year since we were in the swing of doing tours (We had the Corona year off) and I feel like I’ve forgotten how to do it. Could that be true? I had 30 years of practice prior to this year. So I wonder if I’m overwhelmed with the workload and I constantly feel like I’ve forgotten something. I create and check lists all day! COVID was a pressure cooker, could I be burnt-out? What is operator burn-out and what does it feel like? Why am I worrying about that one little question when there are so many other things that I could be using my brain on? Is that what stress is.

I’m tired and I’m stressed, I just feel nervous! There are just so many cogs going around in my brain all of the time and I constantly check my computer even when I know I should be resting. The phone is in my hands 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week and 365 days of the year! So now I am worried that I am addicted to my screens…We haven’t even entered into the business or family reasons to be stressed yet.

Why do I feel like this, I felt awesome a few short weeks ago? Well it has been raining and so I haven’t been taking my time out in the mornings to walk the five kilometres with my dog and that had been our normal routine. Two hours work then off to walk. He knew my headphones meant go time and his excitement made me smile. The music, podcast or audible book cleared my head and some of the most incredible ideas would jump in! Nature claimed us and we watched the sunrises together. Note: it was the wettest April in recorded history, not just rain.

I’ve also missed a few horse riding lessons which is a hobby that I love so much, I feel bad that my horses have been stuck in a paddock while I’m sitting at the computer. I feel bad but I’m struggling to find the time and the motivation. I’m just so tired! Why was that easier a few weeks back when I was doing more. I also worry that I’m not drinking enough water, I used to fill my bottle up before my walk and carry it around with me the whole day. I worry that I’m not eating properly the way I was when I was walking…finishing the walk would make me hungry and so I would make a nice breakfast and a lunch at the same time so I could concentrate on the work ahead. I’m too tired to make a meal right now.

Does this sound familiar? That’s right, you have to take care of you first or it will all turn to crap!