Ecommerce experts and business planners in high demand among SMEs

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Modern laptop computer with online shopping store graphic and open sign on wooden table over blur of rush hour with cars and road in city, Business internet shop online concept

With more and more small-business owners in Australia venturing into online operations, eCommerce experts are in high demand, according to the new research. The Fiverr Small Business Needs Index reveals that “shopify experts” top the list of most in-demand freelancers in Australia as small-business owners are looking to be competitive online, with demand for such help rising to up to 176 per cent according to the study.

Also in high demand are business planning services that require the services of freelancers with C-suite and senior finance experience and high-level business qualifications. Based on searches for “Business Name” and “Business Plan” demand is up 89 per cent and 29 per cent respectively, supporting the notion that businesses are migrating online, or starting out online.

The Fiverr Small Business Needs Index analysed data from millions of searches across the platform to predict what’s important, what’s trending and what areas small businesses are seeking support. It shows that 37 per cent of Aussies are considering freelancing, 56 per cent of them motivated by their experience of COVID-19. Similarly, 20 per cent expressed interest in changing their job to something they were more passionate about.

Separate data from ASIC also noted that 237,994 new businesses registered in Australia in 2020; 12,873 more than the year prior, despite the economic and societal challenges imposed by the pandemic.

“People have become aware of the lifestyle benefits tied to being their own boss and starting their own ventures,” Peggy de Lange, VP of International Expansion at Fiverr, said. “However, with this comes the need for specialised digital support to help bring ideas to life. Navigating the digital world for the first time is daunting, and new business entrepreneurs can sometimes be overwhelmed by the amount of specialised expertise they may not have.”