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Q&A: Tenacity pays off for hemp water entrepreneur

“I banked on the fact that hemp would be legalised as a food and that it was only a matter…

Four reasons for leaders to be transparent

Leaders who are open and honest set the style for successful business with a supportive wo…

Why SMEs that refuse to adopt new technologies and AI will be left behind

Of all the new technologies the 21st century has brought the ability to use Artificial Int…

Roaming with a purpose

A new app enables travellers to upload an audio guide the to sites of interest in the citi…

Pulse surveys, engagement

How small businesses can manage the employee journey in the digital age

The challenge of employee retention is greater than ever and businesses should ensure they…

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How to combat the rising threat of ransomware

The threat of ransomware will continue to evolve and grow, with 390,000 new malware varian…


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