Women entrepreneurs focus on marketing during pandemic


A new survey reveals that female entrepreneurs are spending more of their resources on marketing to boost sales impacted by the COVID-induced downturn.

According to the latest Business Chicks Community Survey, 65 per cent of women business owners said they were spending more on creative/design software, email marketing CRM platforms, and social media following in wake of the pandemic.

Business Chicks Content and Marketing Manager Briony Hunt highlighted the resilience of Australian women business owners through the global pandemic, and the fact that many of them have created opportunities to start a new business or pivoted established businesses in the last year.

“Record numbers [of women] are now running their own show and looking at ways to expand their business,” Hunt said.

Business Australia General Manager of Content and Acquisition, Genevieve Brock, said that it’s more important than ever to have a targeted marketing approach when starting, or working to grow, a business.

“We are seeing a lot of SMEs re-examining their core offering, how they deliver it and how they reach and talk to their clients,” Brock said. “We have seen business successfully transform their offering in the last year, that has prompted a re-examine of their marketing strategies as well.

“There are so many platforms where you can spend time marketing your SME, but it’s critical that there’s a clear plan, in order to maximise results,” Brock added. “The best way to do this is to consider your return on investment – irrespective of whether you are doing the work yourself, or you have someone assisting. It’s worthwhile looking at the analytics and tracking engagement and customer numbers. This helps when deciding where to invest your time and energy.”

The survey was released in conjunction with Business Australia’s seminar titled “How to Get Your Marketing Working Harder in 2021”, taking place today, in conjunction with Business Chicks. The seminar will have speakers from companies such as Google, Hubspot, Linkedin and independent agency Coffee Cocoa Gunpowder.