Why your brand deserves custom design

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We’re all familiar with the ubiquitous thumbs up and likes that are a mandatory part of our modern-day marketing process. But, did you know that telling your brand story through your packaging can reinforce your online visibility, engage customers and invite a strong sense of brand recognition?

Today’s consumers are savvy, smart and not easily fooled. Increasingly, they are looking for products and brands that are actually worthy of their attention, their spend and their social media attention.

In a world where we have so many options one way to really stand out is to tell your brand story at every step of the marketing process – including your packaging.

With more than 60 per cent of consumer purchasing decisions made at the point of purchase, the way your product is packaged can affect purchasing decisions and impact the way your brand is perceived.

Tailored and branded packaging is the key here – as it allows you to really stand out and it’s now easier and more economically viable for all business types than ever before. With more and more packaging companies adopting innovative technology and creating user-friendly online platforms like our Interactive Design Platform, everyone can design, create and order custom packaging online!

As brand-keepers, we are tasked with creating surprise and delight for our customers. When you take the time to design and create a package that reflects your brand; complete with your logo, images, text and font; your packaging becomes an extension of your brand.

A small effort that has the potential to reap big brand rewards like instant recognition, being posted across social channels and shared with multiple consumers.

Whether your business creates handmade sweaters, candles, cakes, small-batch boutique gin, or honey – the way you wrap it up and deliver to your customers says something about you, your brand and your product.

So, how do you create the right type of customised packaging for your business?

  1. Material: When you are designing your packaging, consider the weight, durability and sustainability of the material you are choosing. For products that are shipped globally think about durable materials that can withstand transportation.
  2. Colour: Choose colours on your package that reflect your brand and compliment your brand logo.
  3. Message: Is there a brand message you’d like to add on your package? Some brands add a slogan or a brand motto, as the outside packaging is one of the first things your customer will see.

When you customise your packaging, not only will you delight and surprise, but you will increase and enhance brand recall. When people see your package, they know it belongs to your brand.

Your customers deserve to see your brand the way you intended it to be seen by the world – no compromises.