Watch: Fast-track trust to win more sales

ISB TV David Penglase

Welcome to the second episode of ISB TV and a story with a sales and marketing focus.

David Penglase is an executive mentor and a member of the Australian professional speakers Hall of Fame. David’s continual research focuses on the impact that our intention, personal values, trust, habits and integrity have on individual, team and organisational success. He has degrees in business and human resource development, an MBA, a Master Degree in Professional Ethics and a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology.

In this video David talks about find clients – not just via the obvious channels of networking and social media but also, and more importantly in his view, through building a great brand story.

He goes on to the next logical step: keeping those customers. The focus is on advocacy and loyalty, building relationships to fight the disengagement so many people are feeling in all aspects of society today. He stresses that trust is paramount – even if you have the products and services your customers want, they won’t get them from you if you don’t present them and yourself in a way those customers value.

David then presents his Performance Potential Model that will help you assess your skill sets, knowledge and attributes, and how they relate to your motivation to succeed, to improve your own business performance.

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