Video marketing science to boost your bottom line

Videos are scientifically proven to be the most powerful communication tool available to businesses. Most SMEs and start-ups know that they should be engaging in video marketing, but they don’t understand how to make their videos achieve results they desire. I have dedicated the past 10 years to understand what it takes to create a video that achieves results, and I am going to share some of the crucial elements of video success with you. I like to call them the three “C’s”.


You must begin from a place of confidence. With 80 per cent of users remembering the videos they watch online, it is important to know what to say, and how to get the camera to love you! As the saying goes, a first impression lasts. You can begin to build your confidence by knowing clearly who you are and what you provide, who your viewer/market is and how you can help them. That alone will give you the confidence you need to start.

I suggest that you prepare some simple scripts and practice them. A good script takes your viewer on a well-prepared journey.

The basics of scripting follows my 3 G’s. Grab, Give, Get.

  • Grab their attention with a powerful opening.
  • Give them some good information.
  • Get them to do something. In other words, provide them with a strong call to action.


Data shows us that videos provide a 74 per cent increase in potential customers understanding of a product or service. With statistics like this, it is important to communicate clearly and engage your potential customers and inspire them not only to understand your product or service, but to take action. A video that communicates well, cuts through in three different ways;

  • Visually Appealing – The visuals in your videos needs to be strong enough to grab attention and be visually stimulating throughout the video to maintain interest.
  • Intellectually Stimulating – Target your video to the appropriate intellect and maturity level of your desired audience.
  • Emotively Engaging – You inspire people through emotion not information. So, you need to lead and direct your viewers by planned engagement of their emotions.


We know that 46 per cent of potential customers take action after viewing a video online. In order to create a video that will convert the viewer into a customer, you must go through the 3 G’s in reverse order.  Many of us often start planning for a video by thinking, “I want to do a video about XYZ” and then at the end think “what will I get potential clients to do?” A well-crafted, higher converting video starts at the other end.

  • Get – Start by asking yourself, what is it that I want more viewers to do?
  • Give – What information must I give to achieve this?
  • Grab – How do I get the right people’s attention and get them to stay?

Now you know why videos work, and have begun to form an insight as to the three working components of a successful video. You are now better informed to go ahead in planning and creating a video that will actually see the results you desire, and increase your customer acquisition, conversation and retention.

Steve Brossman, The Authority Catalyst