Top tips for engaging a video production company

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Video is the clear winner in 2021. With everyone living online, video became more essential than ever for marketing and communication.

It’s so important that Biteable conducted a survey finding that 60 per cent of marketers are using video and 94 per cent of them plan to continue. The survey even followed how many were creating them in-house over out sourcing to a video production company.

For a lot of businesses, you don’t have the resources to do every single video in-house. Whether you are using software or smartphone apps, it can take a lot of time and some practised skills to create quality videos. Outsourcing your main promotional videos to a professional team will alleviate this issue and take your video content to the next level.

If you’ve never worked with a video production company before, here are some tips to ensure you bring on the right team for you.

1. Have an plan or at least an idea of what you need

Before you start the process of finding the right production company, have an idea of the type of content you intend to create.
What’s going to suit your brand and your marketing? Are you looking at social media content of digital advertising?
Know what you want to achieve. Are you aiming to promote your products? Or will educational videos with interviews and experts speaking work best for your target audience?

2. Research, research, research

Check their social media as well as their website showreel. The production companies social media accounts will give you a better idea of the style of content they create most. Who are their clients? What industry do they work with most often? Compare with other production companies within the area you are intending to film to see which one connects with your own brand ethos best.

3. Know their style, do they have a specialty?

If you’ve followed step two then you will have an idea of the production companies style before you meet with them. Video production has a vast array of creative specialties. Many production companies are heavily invested in animation and motion graphics, while others specialise in documentaries and telling stories. So narrow down to the companies who specialise in your vision.

4. Have an investment in mind

How much are you willing to invest in professional video? You may have a vision in mind that you are excited about, but your investment won’t cover it. Your production company should be able to help you get the best out of your investment and get as close to your vision as close as possible. They live in the content space, so they can introduce you to a different style of content that will suit your budget better but still give you the same results.

5. Don’t lose your vision

Like a good relationship, if they are not listening to your needs, it’s not going to end well. Use your first meeting to ask lots of questions about the process and the timeline of filming and editing. The bigger the project, the longer it is going to take and the more crew they are going to need. Every project can be very different, so you need a team you can trust to fulfil your vision.

In essence, the advice above is about working with trusted professionals that understand how to create engaging, valuable and viewable video content. Be a part of the process, but also be guided by the right team and it will only result in excellence.