Three must-do’s to build an engaging personal brand on Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a fairly new, invite-only social media platform. It’s where industry professionals and the elite network and engage. If you’ve been fortunate enough to score an invite to Clubhouse make sure to follow the tips below to make the most of the dynamic platform.

Your bio is everything on Clubhouse

Make sure your bio is catchy, short and sweet so you grab the attention of those viewing your profile in the first two lines. Take the time to select keywords that will resonate with your target audience, and go easy on emojis.

Having a concise and easy to read bio means that your audience will connect with your brand’s personality immediately. Make sure you connect your Instagram and Twitter accounts to Clubhouse so that you can connect with users there, too.

Another great feature of Clubhouse is that you can set your interests to show on your timeline. This helps your audience see how they relate to you and you can tailor the app to suit your conversational needs.

Be active on Clubhouse

Clubhouse rewards you with more invitations the more you participate. Initially you will be given three invites but the more you participate in rooms or host rooms the more invites you will receive. You can then use these to strategically invite users who will engage with your brand or add value to your niche.

Also, always be engaged in rooms that are relevant to your business industry, your personal expertise and your target audience. Use your industry knowledge to start conversations, open rooms and show interest in the conversations going on around you. Use the app for networking with other professionals in your industry to build relationships in a new way.

Clubhouse is built on community participation where being active and engaged is recognised and rewarded.

Contribute and bring value on Clubhouse

Whilst listening is great to further your knowledge, the best way to utilise the app to its fullest potential is to put your hand up to speak in rooms where you can contribute. This is the best way for a lot of people to get to know you and to hear what you have to say on a particular topic. You can always look for ways to showcase your knowledge and experience on your particular niche. Find ways to be unique and stand out, and always be collaborative with others.

Make sure you know Clubhouse etiquette, for example; always mute your mic when you are on stage and not speaking, know that the party hats indicate a new Clubhouse user and don’t try to overtake a host’s room.

Once you’ve got a feel for the app try hosting your own room with other industry experts. Speaking about relevant topics is the best way for you to reach more interested people and have them hear what you have to say. This is also another way that you can organically plug your brand and business.

Clubhouse provides industry professionals with a unique opportunity to showcase their niche, and to collaborate and network with other industry professionals. Becoming confident on Clubhouse is the same as any other social platform, the more you practice and engage, the easier it’ll get and the more confident you’ll become!

Emille Mendoza, Founder, Boracay Skin