The top 10 red flags for regular LinkedIn users

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If you’re familiar with LinkedIn, you may have come across advice on social media or in other publications from well-meaning but misinformed sources. Unfortunately, the wrong advice can hurt your LinkedIn strategy. Here are the Top 10 LinkedIn myths that I believe need to be busted:  

1. LinkedIn is the new Facebook 

LinkedIn has not rushed to adopt the features of other platforms it weighs the pro’s and con’s carefully first. Its uniqueness comes from its focus on professional life. So, unless you’re a chef, posting photos of your lunch is not a good idea. 

2. You need to pay to use the good stuff  

If you’re finding the free version limiting then consider an upgrade.  However, unless you see a message saying, “you’ve reached your commercial limit”, you don’t need to pay just yet.  

3. LinkedIn is only effective in English  

LinkedIn has 24 languages, and there’s an auto-translate feature which will translate text in the body of the post but not image text. Therefore, if your market speaks different languages keep this in mind. 

4. Posting too often is spammy and connections will “unfollow” you 

Every LinkedIn post is shown to around three to five per cent of your connections. If you receive engagement, then that percentage starts to increase but the most you can hope for is about 10 per cent. If you post five times a week and only 10 per cent see it, then it doesn’t sound too spammy to me, especially if people find it valuable.  

5. People are on LinkedIn for two reasons: job hunting or pitching 

Sure, people are on LinkedIn for lead generation. However, people are also looking for joint ventures, brand positioning, thought leadership, personal branding, and online networking.  

6. Once your profile is complete you never have to touch it again 

Think of your profile like a bonsai. Growth and regular reshaping will give you the best result. 

7. Automation is the only way to get ahead on LinkedIn 

Using bots or automation might seem a seductive way to use the platform, but it’s also against the User Agreement and often leads to LinkedIn restricting your account, or worse, closing it.  

8. LinkedIn is a numbers game  

There is some truth to this statement…some! Unfortunately, many people connect with anyone and everyone, and then spam them hoping something will stick. It’s better to have the right number of the right people.  

9. My customers aren’t on LinkedIn  

In my 12 years I’ve seen a huge shift on LinkedIn. Initially, there was almost zero engagement from those in trades, medical and retail industries. These days it’s much more common for these industries to be regular content creators and engagers. Your customers are there if you know where to look. 

10. Video doesn’t get as many views as text-based posts on LinkedIn 

Post vs video analytics are measured in two different ways. Text based post views are measured by the times your post has been placed (not necessarily read) in someone’s feed. A video is measured when someone has paused on it for at least the first three seconds. It’s not a promise of views, it’s an actual view.  

If using LinkedIn regularly, getting the edge with your content and posting strategy is vital. Avoid these red flags and maintain momentum by producing valuable content and getting quality engagement. 

Jillian Bullock, LinkedIn Ninja Down Under