Are you talking to the decision-maker?

When you’re selling, are you talking to the decision-maker?

I find that one of the biggest mistakes that small-business people make in their selling is speaking with people who cannot actually make a decision to buy from them.

It is so important to be sure we are speaking with the decision-maker before we present anything.

So what is the best way to ascertain if you are talking to the decision-maker?

My advice is, never assume that the person we are speaking with has the authority to buy, ALWAYS ASK. However it’s also important not to get this person offside or offend them so simply ask: ‘Will you need to run this past anyone else in your organisation before making the decision?’ Or ask ‘What is the decision-making process in your organisation? Are there others who will be involved?’

Never assume that the person you are speaking with has the authority to buy – always ask.

Do this before you present the solution. Then see if you can get all decision-makers together or see them one by one. Tell the person you are speaking with, ‘They may have some questions and I’d be happy to see them with you and answer their questions’.

Here’s another off-the-wall, but incredibly effective, idea on getting to the decision-maker. Call the company and ask for their top salesperson. The receptionist will assume you want to buy something. Get to their top salesperson, then as one sales professional to another, ‘Who should I be speaking with in your organisation in order to get a decision on this?’

Don’t be surprised if this person then offers to introduce you personally to the decision-maker or -makers.

Wayne Berry, CEO TOP GUN Business Academy International