Straightforward SEO for small business – Part 3

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For those not in the industry, SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – can be a complicated, necessary evil. But, it doesn’t have to be mythical or difficult to understand the basics.

In the final instalment of this three-part series I’ve compiled – 30 tips for small businesses to follow – here are the final ten:

  1. User experience is important

Use Google’s pagespeed insights to learn how to improve your site across mobile and desktop.

  1. Optimise images

Most CMS platforms these days allow you to optimise your images. By doing so, it gives Google relevant information about each image and its purpose on your site.

  1. Encourage reviews

Reviews not only help drive sales, but also help greatly with local SEO presence.

  1. Set up and use Google Analytics

Again, it’s free, and it’s crucial if you want to understand visitor behavior, traffic sources and much more.

  1. Do you know much about your backlinks?

There’s a number of great tools that will give you this information. Check if the links are relevant – if there’s a connection to your industry/product/service. For those links that aren’t relevant, you should begin the process of having them removed as they could become troublesome.

  1. Create unique titles for every page

Help make the topic of each page clear to searchers and search engines.

  1. Enhance your Google-My-Business profile

The basics are probably already there. If you have a physical presence, include your opening hours, directions and other useful information, along with images, and post regular updates.

  1. Don’t expect results too quickly

SEO takes time. Be patient, and stick with it.

  1. Create your own product descriptions

Don’t copy the descriptions straight from your suppliers. Create your own unique copy, to help stand out.

  1. Use AdWords

If your budget allows it, AdWords can deliver quick results – they also helps shape your SEO efforts, offering insights and valuable information.

Nathan Sinnott, Chief Executive Officer, Newpath WEB