Stop surviving and start thriving

ISBTV Kylie Warry

Most small-business owners have spent a period or two in “survival mode” when they haven’t been sure from week-to-week or month-to-month if their cashflow would keep their business above water.

However, trainer and communications expert Kylie Warry – author of The Enlightened Communicator – assures us in this episode of ISBTV that it is easier than you think to get out of this cycle of doubt and worry, and transform your business into a thriving enterprise.

Kylie suggests you start by asking yourself, “what is something you do in your business every day that might be costing you big?”, and tells us that for many of us it is poor communication that is letting us down. Kylie underlines the fact that sales, marketing, PR, advertising, staff retention and every other aspect of our business relies on communication, and that if we’re not doing that effectively we’re losing out.

Research shows that poor communication costs business 23 per cent of their profit on average, but that this can be fixed fairly easily by putting in places measures such as eradicating ineffective team meetings, empowering staff that are frightened to ask questions to speak up and improving the way you handle customer complaints. Kylie equips us with strategies to rectify communication issues, thereby increasing the chances we move from survive to thrive.

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