Spring is the time to freshen up your marketing

It’s Spring and this is a great time to freshen up your wardrobe, your house, your car, your pets and, of course, your marketing. It always amazes me how quickly the year can fly past. Before you can count the number of flowers blooming in your garden your marketing can become out of date and in desperate need of a spruce up. So, channel that Spring Cleaning energy to clean up your marketing for better results.

Use this checklist below for some ideas to keep your marketing fresh and relevant just in time for Christmas.

1. Social-media profile photos

Does your profile shot still look like you? If not, get some new shots done. If you haven’t touched your social media banners for a while, you might like to check that they match current specifications suggested by the social media platform. Change your images to meet these requirements and keep your social pages fresh.

2. Staff

Do a check to see that all staff and their contact details are listed correctly on your promotional material. If you don’t have photos for your new staff now is the time to action this. If you or your staff wear uniforms, consider shopping for a new style for spring.

3. On-hold messages for the company and staff

When did you last change your voice or on hold message? Don’t know then go and check this as a matter of urgency. It may be telling your customers you are on leave and back in January 2016! Listen to all messages and update so they are still relevant. If you have staff, get them to check their voice messages are correct.

4. Update website copy

Words on your website can be one of those marketing items that can gather metaphorical dust without you realising. Read through your website and make some notes on what needs to change or better still, set aside some time to read and make changes as you go. At the very least, double check pricing of products, opening hours, address and phone numbers are correct. Check that your enquiry form is working too by doing a test email to your company.

5. Business cards

Is it time for a new business card design? You don’t need to change your logo just freshen up your design. This can be done for other marketing collateral as well. It gives a fresh look without looking too different and eroding your brand.

6. Tagline

How long have you been using the same tagline? Is it still working? If not, try something different you can always return to the old one at another time.

7. Clean out your customers

Spring cleaning is all about getting rid of things that no longer serve you. Maybe they are broken or you just want to make space for something new and improved. You can apply these principles to your customer base. Take the time to investigate which customers have served you well this year and which ones may need to go. Focus your future marketing on the customers you like to hang on to.

Like any bit of spring cleaning, don’t forget to treat yourself after you’ve done the work!

Ailsa Page, Director, AP Marketing Works and co-author of “Get Good or Get Off: A guide to getting it right on social media”