LinkedIn marketing predictions for 2022

There are a load of LinkedIn influencers and trainers making predictions for the platform in 2022. LinkedIn Stories coming back differently, groups finally having a revamp and so on, but I believe one of the biggest trends in this marketing age will be the difference between winning and losing on this platform.

You see a massive trend that seems to be gaining more and more momentum is essentially spam or mass marketing through LinkedIn messages. A spray and pray approach and playing a numbers game, hoping something will eventually stick to the wall.

However, there are two main problems with this approach: Social media platforms like LinkedIn don’t like it and have placed restrictions on functionality to make this scattergun approach harder. For example, reducing outbound connection requests from 200 per day to 100 per week.

The second issue, which should be considered by marketers as the most important, is that this technique is becoming less and less effective. Those who are truly successful with their marketing are those who are slowing down their efforts which in turn is speeding up their results.

These clever marketers are understanding that it’s critical to infuse empathy into their marketing. Far too many business owners and marketers are suffering a global collective amnesia when attempting marketing messages on LinkedIn.

They are using the filters based on their market research and data to niche to a target audience, but then robotically messaging the masses.

As B2B marketers, what we must do is not only think like our potential customers but actually ask questions. Listening to your potential customers isn’t a new concept but few SMEs actually ask. In fact, LinkedIn’s own measurable value via the SSI incorporates building genuine and professional relationships. Most marketers ignore the simple concept of asking questions of their niche and instead blast them with content on their product or service because they fit an assumed criteria.

On LinkedIn in 2022 those who truly understand empathy-based marketing and that it is built on listening and establishing trusted relationships will be streaks ahead this year. Those who don’t and continue to push harder and harder will not only denigrate the experience for more and more people on LinkedIn they will also not reach their sales targets.