How to use the InstaTok method to bring your Instagram account back to life


If your business Instagram account feels like it’s dying; you’re not alone. With Meta turning Facebook and Instagram into digital black holes in an attempt to monopolise the world’s attention, Instagram is not only losing users to TikTok but making small business marketing almost impossible on its platform.

Plus, as a powerhouse platform, Meta’s priority has been on monetising its platform for years now. This is why the typical engagement on posts is only 0.68 per cent (Datareportal: 2022). Instagram knows if they limit your reach, you’ll pay for it instead.

The rise of TikTok

It’s clear why Instagram’s popularity is on the decline, with TikTok already overtaking Instagram in popularity in the Middle East and Africa (Insider Intelligence: 2022).

In addition to being a glorified ad platform, Instagram users are tired of the heavily edited content that Instagram was built on. Audiences are done with seeing perfect (see: fake) lives and instead want to connect with real people; a space where TikTok plays.

TikTok’s simplicity is also a huge drawcard. There’s only one placement with one format. And, because TikTok rewards content creators with huge organic reach, a small business can go viral and blow up overnight. TikTok isn’t in monetising mode – yet – which is why now is the best time to use TikTok for small business marketing.

It’s also the unlikely hero that will rescue your dying Instagram profile; if done right.

Small business marketing on Instagram must change

Typically, brands try to use organic Instagram posts to attract new audiences but for all the reasons mentioned above; this is becoming increasingly more futile.

Instagram and TikTok have their positives and negatives. TikTok is a great way to reach new people, but users will smell a hard-sell a mile off and when they do, your post will not only flop but your credibility will suffer too. On the other hand, Instagram won’t give you any decent reach unless you pay for it, but audiences are typically in buying mode when on the platform.

Instead of fighting the system, the InstaTok Method leverages the strengths of both platforms to support small-business growth marketing efforts and even breathe new life into dying Instagram accounts. The method is so effective that in the first month alone, our website conversions went up by more than 535 per cent.

How to use the InstaTok Method for your small business

1. Use TikTok as your top-of-funnel marketing platform by tapping into TikTok’s algorithms which encourage account discoverability amongst new audiences. Focus on authentic content and following TikTok strategy best practises.

2. Entice your new audiences to crossover to Instagram. TikTok allows you to link your Instagram in your bio so it’s just one tap away. Cross-pollinating will resuscitate your Instagram profile and you can leverage Instagram’s superior direct messaging functionality to start sales conversations, nurture relationships, and build trust (middle-of-funnel objectives). The best way to do this is to include a call-to-action in TikTok posts where users should Instagram direct message you a keyword in exchange for something of value (i.e. a free download, discount code, etc.).

3. When a user sends a direct message to your account, Instagram prioritises your account for them, so your Instagram posts will appear higher in your audience’s feed. Your content should be bottom-of-funnel sales messaging at this point.

Of course, without a solid understanding of your target audiences and sales funnel best practices, no marketing will get off the ground so ensure you have a solid brand strategy before embarking on any campaign. But if you focus on cross-pollinating your audiences and play to the strengths of each platform, you can bring your dying Instagram profile back to life and increase revenue in the process.