How to start a business for $0

small business, micro-entrepreneur

It has never been easier to start a business, especially an online business. It’s also never been cheaper. In fact, in 2022 it is not only possible but super easy and fast to start a small business online for $0.

Here are some free tools that can help you start a business for free:

1. Free websites and eCommerce

There are scores of places you can go to start a completely free website. There are also many types of free websites.

The main free options for small-business owners are:

  • Free basic websites – there are lots of places you can make a free website. Weebly’s free website builder and Wix’s free website builder are two of the best examples. Many others offer a free trial but you’ll need to pay once that runs out.
  • Free e-commerce websites – Square’s ecommerce platform is completely free. Other options like Shopify and Bigcommerce offer a free trial.
  • Free blog websites – offers a free WordPress blog but there are plenty of other places you can get this.

None of the above come with a custom domain name for free (you need to pay for that).

2. Social media

Social media platforms have evolved from being engagement and promotional tools for businesses to use with their customers, to places where you can transact.

For example, Instagram Shopping lets you sell your products on Instagram.

Today, many small businesses don’t even have a website, they just use social media!

3. Marketplaces

Depending on what product or service you’re offering, a marketplace may make sense. For example, if you’re offering handyman services, a marketplace like Airtasker might make sense. If you’re a graphic designer, you might use DesignCrowd. If you’re selling jewelry, perhaps Etsy makes sense.

Marketplaces are generally free to create a seller account and can be a great way to start promoting your business, product or services. However, they will only suit some businesses.

4. Free logos

For any of the above options (website, social media or marketplace), it makes sense to have a great logo.

For those businesses that can afford to hire a logo designer or use a premium logo maker tool, you should invest in that. But for those that want a free logo, there are plenty of options out there. For example, BrandCrowd offers a selection of 100 per cent free logo templates.

5. Free design, photos, videos

Getting a free logo and free website design may not be the only type of free design or creative asset you want to launch and grow your business. There are many sites like Unsplash where you can get free photography to use and many sites like BrandCrowd that offer free design templates for your business cards, social media and other design templates for your business.

6. Payment

There are many ways to start accepting payments online. Square and PayPal are good examples as it’s free to create an account.

7. Marketing

Marketing is usually one of the most expensive aspects of a new business – however, there’s a swathe of tools, platforms and services to help you do this for free.

MailChimp is a free email marketing platform that you can use to engage and communicate with subscribers. Other platforms that also offer completely free packages are Hubspot and mailjet.

Marketing is more than just sending emails though – tracking marketing campaigns and performance is imperative to growing your business. You can’t look past Google Analytics as the go-to web analytics platform (it’s free).

So, what are you waiting for? What do you have to lose? Start today, you (literally) have nothing to lose.