How to nail your Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels have been embraced by Influencers and big brands alike, with some really clever and creative video content being created. Reel videos are 60 seconds long maximum, and they stay on your profile just like a post and across its own tab.

Similar to TikTok, you can edit the videos in the app itself. The app allows you to put together multiple clips, add filters, music, captions, interactive backgrounds and plenty more. Stats are showing that the head honchos of Instagram are giving priority to reels over posts so you are looking at higher views and engagement when you use reels over normal posting.

How to find it: it’s already a feature in the Instagram app you can swipe through to reels when in camera mode or at the bottom of the screen in your feed.

The type of video content you can make is endless. As a business, here are the types of content to add in to your social media marketing strategy.

  1. Education videos Top Five Tips or short recipe videos are great ways to give your audience information they can use in their everyday life. You can add text over your video, as well other features to efficiently use the 60 second to educate in a fun way.
  2. Show off your product let the audience see how your product works, they can see how it can be used and even how it will benefit their lifestyle.
  3. Behind The Scenes Content my favourite! Show your audience what it’s like working at your business! It’s personable and builds trust with your audience.

So let’s make reels work for you! (Hot Tip: If you are posting videos with reels, then use them on TikTok as well it’s a similar platform but a different audience.)

  1. Keep up to date on trends and hashtags scroll through your feed and check what hashtags (that are relevant to you) are peaking in popularity. Can you create a video for that hashtag? Also keep on top of trends – editing techniques, colours and popular songs.
  2. Don’t always use the app to film for quick, current events you can easily film within the app itself. If you want a little more control of the framing and may do a few takes, just use your normal phone camera (or even your digital camera) and load into reels for the edit.
  3. Use the music in the app I highly recommend you use the music available on reels – as this will bring the music title up on the bottom of your video. Using a popular song can lead to more engagement as song titles are also a way for consumers to find new videos.
  4. Be clever with the effects in the app, but don’t over do it the stickers, effects, filters are great and a lot of fun. But don’t lose site of your brand and tone of voice. You still need to stay within your style of communication.

Like all new app features and technology in general, practice makes perfect. Experiment with your reels content and see what resonates with your audience. Popular content of the moment is leaning more towards the personable, “real” content so your technique doesn’t have to be perfect. Instead pay more attention to the context and information you are giving your audience.