Small business creates biggest online mall for Aussies

AMM CEO Darryl Reeves

The biggest online shopping mall in Australia has been launched to support Australian businesses and cater for fast-growing online shopping trends, which have hit $19.6 billion in the past year.

The Aussie Mega Mall – AMM – showcases more than 3500 Australian online stores only, making it seven times larger than the biggest Westfield shopping centre in Australia at Bondi Junction with 522 stores.

CEO/ founder Darryl Reeves said the AMM, which recently opened its Australian training centre on the Gold Coast, had been created as a fight back against the huge number of foreign stores coming into Australia and buying their way to the top of search engines.

‘In a growing number of categories of retail, it’s getting difficult to get an Australian retailer on the first page or two of search engines now,’ Mr Reeves said.

‘We aim to stop this because it’s very bad for Australian business, economy and, importantly, it’s very bad for Australian people.’

Australian online shopping is showing no signs of slowing – the NAB Online Retail Sales Index for April 2016 reported that Australians spent an estimated $19.6 billion on online retail for 12 months to April 2016. While representing just over a third of all online sales, SME 18.1% year on year outpaced corporates this month and improved on the March year on year growth of9.2%.

Mr Reeves said with more than seven million Australian shoppers, AMM enables shoppers to browse hundreds of aisles and thousands of stores with no need for time-consuming searches, frustrating dead-ends or even fumbling with keypads or keyboards.

‘The site is 100% touch which is perfect for hand-held devices. Every store looks like and works like an app and can be found on page one of the aisle of a shopper’s choosing,’ he said. ‘It’s fast, simple, convenient and beautiful.’

Any Australian online store, from large corporates to small stores, can list their online store for free, knowing they will be on page 1 of the site.

There are also 15 premium paid spots available in each category.

These include nearly every family-friendly category you can imagine including fashion, toys, electronics, homewares, travel and health products.

Listings can have digital brochures, their own daily deals, coupon codes and access to AMM membership for extra promotion and discounted products.

‘Many businesses can be Skyped directly from the site. We’re the only business Skype directory anywhere as far as I know,’ Mr Reeves said.

He said the mall was by Australians for Australians and excluded Australian drop shipping stores which managed stock and processing overseas.

‘Drop shipping could well be the death-knell for many Australian online stores if we do not unite and showcase collectively. Drop shipping is doing to Australian online stores what the large grocery chains have done to the small corner store – put them out of business! We want to give the small online business owner all the support we can.’

The company is also very passionate about increasing employment in the community and empowering people to start their own businesses. They currently employ eight people and have four contractors. They plan to engage 50 people by the end of this year in Australia.

Upcoming features include social media links, listings for offline businesses, professionals and B2Bs, auction site, classifieds, loyalty points and an AMM app. Future plans include opening a New Zealand Mega Mall this year, as well as malls in the US, UK and South Africa in 2017.

‘The Aussie Mega Mall will be the go-to place to buy or sell products or services online in one place,’ Mr Reeves said.

‘This has the potential to be a gigantic business on a global scale.’