Seven ways to use texting in your small business

When it comes to effective small-business marketing, you can’t put all your eggs in one basket. Take several channels and try combining them in the best way possible. Social media marketing, email marketing, direct mail, advertising, contests, coupons – leverage them all, and then see what works best. SMS marketing often remains a neglected channel. With an open rate of 98 per cent, texting cannot be ignored, right?

Promotion is not the only way SMS can be used for small businesses. There is actually much more to it. Customer retention, for example. Send your clients order and booking confirmations, delivery notifications, and flight details. According to studies, SMS services help customers “feel like they are cared about” and “feel in control” of the services they used.

Did you know that texting can be used for effective staff communication? Not only is it a great way to make sure all your coworkers know about the meeting reschedulings, but also a measure to improve employee retention. Send your staff discounts, seasonal greetings, and acknowledge their success at work. It’s the little things that can contribute to employee satisfaction.

These are just some of the many use cases of texting for businesses. Our infographic can help you devise a strategy to make the most of texting in your small business.


Anastasia Sviridenko,