Three ways to enhance your businesses performance this year

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Every year, business owners retrospectively look back on their past year and envision all the ways to make the year ahead even better.  From big ideas – like new offerings and larger teams – to smaller improvements – a new social strategy or marketing campaign – these enhancements all work together to push the needle ahead. Here are my top picks on how to enhance your business performance this year.


Beyond being a vessel for your products, your packaging can also be a marketing tool. It’s the first thing customers will see when interacting with your brand and an elevated experience can really enhance the perception customers have about your business. When considering your packaging and how it can contribute to a positive customer experience, it’s important to think about the big and small details. Boxes and bags with your logo are the hallmarks of a great unboxing experience, but you can also focus on inexpensive additions like branded stickers to seal up your packages. Your branding and thoughtful touches should also extend to the interior of your package. A postcard with a handwritten thank you note is a thoughtful touch that brings a human element to your brand or it could be your opportunity to encourage customers to leave a review or follow you on social media.


Presence might feel like an intangible term, but a business’s presence is ubiquitous and far-reaching. When customers interact with your business, how do you make them feel and does it make them want to come back for more? At physical locations, like your bricks and mortar store, or at markets and events, your presence can be felt with physical products – like marketing. Consider upping the ante in these spaces – invest in striking marketing materials (like posters and banners) and designs that reinforce your brand identity. Your customer service also plays a role here – think about your interactions and how you can leave a lasting impression (loyalty cards are a simple yet effective way to build up repeat business). In online spaces, like social media, it’s all about creating posts that stop scrolling thumbs and encourage interaction – make your brand presence felt by showing customers behind-the-scenes videos and sneak peeks.

Product design

When you started, you probably launched with the best version of your product or service for the time and for the budget you had. Now, as technology changes or you scale up your offering, it’s important to reassess your product design. Maybe your audience has changed – does your product or service still make sense to this group of people? Or, could your business do with the support of a mobile app? Enhancing your product design in a way that makes sense to your business and brand story is also essential and helps customers buy into your experience completely. Think of iconic brands like Apple – their sleek and streamlined product aesthetic bolsters their innovative brand identity.