Put a catalogue in the letterbox and Australians will read them

Letterbox for catalogues

The latest issue of the ACRS Omnibus Survey Results reports that catalogues are well read by Australians with 58% reading what they receive in their letterbox and more than half – 54% – preferring print catalogues over digital catalogues at 19%.

In the same report, 72% of consumers indicated that they have used catalogues sometimes, with, 89% intending to use them about the same amount or more in the next twelve 12 months.

Australians read catalogues, Australian prefer catalogues. They continue to resonate with shoppers who are looking for sales options, current and future as well as a growing group looking for catalogue vouchers.

Almost three quarters of printed catalogue readers stated that they find it easier to read – or like to read them – in physical format, and a third explained that they understand the specials and information better.

It’s not all bad for the digital catalogue, despite shoppers’ preference, 82% of Australian shoppers read online catalogues, 50% do it weekly and 6% even do it daily. This shows how strong catalogues are in the purchase journey.

Printed and/or digital catalogues offer similar content via different portals. Shoppers report a stronger emotional connectivity, or preference, to printed catalogues, however the functionality of sourcing additional information via digital catalogues is also a behavioral indicator.

Both responses from shoppers indicate the strength of each output – print holds stronger trust, engagement and emotional triggers, digital holds responsive, quick and functional triggers.

In terms of general use, the survey further found, price comparison is the main driver for catalogue readership – 41%. The second reason for reading catalogues is as a source of general information – 35%.

This aspect is reinforced when respondents are asked about their preference for catalogue content: Sales – current and Sales – upcoming are the preferred contents of Australian shoppers, respectively ranked 1st and 2nd.

Shoppers expressed a clear preference towards grocery/liquor and department stores as brands from which to receive unaddressed catalogues and flyers, ranking 1st and 2nd, closely followed by, Fashion, Pharmacy and Hardware, ranking 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively.

The ACRS Omnibus survey confirms the strong position of catalogues in the purchase journey. Unaddressed catalogues and flyers still hit their target and most shoppers rely on catalogues for their weekly shopping in grocery, liquor and department stores.

Kellie Northwood, CEO, Australian Catalogue Association