New phone system to keep SME customers in the loop

Phone system

Optus has introduced a new phone system for SME operators that could save users hundreds of dollars annually in costs, while making sure that calls are more easily answered so there’s less risk of new business opportunities being missed.

Optus Loop is a cloud-based phone system that provides a hybrid mobile and fixed line telephony service that challenges the traditional PABX.

Matthew Ball, Head of Small and Medium Business, Optus says, “We are turning the PABX on its head, by helping reduce the costly infrastructure so SMEs can do away with clunky and expensive telephony systems to now run their business seamlessly and easily on a fixed and mobile integrated service.”

Supported by BroadCloud, Optus Loop will provide voice, Instant Messaging and Presence (IM&P), a full-featured soft client for PC and tablets, desktop and file sharing, virtual meeting rooms and voice and video conferencing.

“With mobile and cloud changing the way people do business, Loop promises to be the personal support SME customers are looking for because it makes customers’ lives easier,” Ball says.

The phone system will be offered in three tiers: Basic, Plus and Premium Plans, with the service requiring a fixed or mobile broadband internet service depending on the plan – either through Optus or any other service provider.

The system’s key features allow SMEs to:

  • add a landline number to a mobile to seemingly be in two places at once
  • take a call on-the-go with Call Move which allows a call to be answered on a desk phone and then seamlessly transferred to a mobile
  • manage incoming calls more effectively with simultaneous ringing on all devices
  • create a personalised on-hold call message that keeps customers engaged.
  • listen to voicemails through email
  • have an automated attendant that directs calls to the person or department with all the answers
  • gain visibility of overall call usage to help with KPI management.

Ball says Loop has been designed to present a professional first impression for customers while helping SMEs grow their business.

“When people need a service or business product, many do an internet search, ring the number and if they can’t get through or can’t speak to someone, dial the next number. SMEs can’t afford to miss out on these opportunities.

“With Optus Loop, we are improving SMEs’ call-management capability so they capture calls through call re-routing, answering calls at their desk and then taking the call with them on-the-go or having virtual call assistant pick up their calls,” says Ball.

Missed calls are a missed opportunity

The Optus research reveals the effects a missed call may have on SME owners; with 85 per cent of respondents admitting they could be tempted to call another company if they don’t get through on the first attempt, and 74 per cent of respondents frustrated about not being able to connect to a business.

“Perception of a company’s image and how professional it is can often come down to how responsive a company is,” says Ball.

Some 45 per cent of respondents would look upon a business they couldn’t get in touch with as “unprofessional”, with a further six per cent saying that would be “extremely unprofessional”.

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