Networking events a sure-fire way to grow your business

Looking to grow your business means networking to meet new people – advisers, referral partners and potential clients.

The SME Association of Australia – SMEA – is a not-for-profit organisation set up to support business owners and entrepreneurs of all ages who run start-ups, small businesses and medium-sized enterprises.

Their member survey of June 2015 revealed that many of their members are looking to grow their business and that means meeting new people – advisers, referral partners and potential clients. To this end they run monthly networking events on the last Thursday of each month in every capital city, as a forum for SME owners to meet new people.

The events feature guest speakers who are experts on small business topics – recent presentations have been on SEO and digital marketing, facial recognition as a sales tool, better business management, cash-flow management, employee-share plans, and social media.

Events are free to members – just login prior to registering – and non-members can attend for a fee of $20.

Details of this month’s events are:

  • Sydney                 31 March             SME Village: Level 3, 50 York Street, Sydney
  • Melbourne          31 March             SME Village Melbourne, 68-72 York Street, South Melbourne
  • Adelaide              31 March             Hamilton Holden, 272-288 Brighton Road, Somerton Park
  • Events will also take place in Perth and Brisbane on 31 March at venues to be confirmed

For further details on all these events go to the SMEA website.