Meeting the production needs of SMEs


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500 Digital Media is a company that is always changing – it has to in order to keep up with the latest trends and technology that grab our attention.

I started 500 Digital Media in 2012 to meet the production needs of SMEs. Once the industry got word of our unique approach to campaign development, large organisations such as Ultra Tune, Euro Solar, BMW and Groupon began to look to Kristian and his team to develop their creative content.

I believe that in the past 12 to 18 months the production and advertising industries have changed rapidly and continue to evolve. In order to stay ahead of the curve, campaigns need to be outcome driven to differentiate brands in crowded channels like social media and TV.

We pride ourselves on outcomes, which sometimes means telling a client what they don’t want to hear, but doing it in the sense that we’re in it for the long haul, so whatever the solution it’s going to benefit the client.

Our team spend a lot of time on client discovery, rather than just order taking, to pinpoint the target customers and right communications channels needed to reach them.

500 Digital Media’s approach is very much about the message put out – the content. It’s about creating enough incentives and calls to action to reach the desired outcome.

Along with focusing on outcomes to push through in crowded channels, it’s also about quantity and constantly refreshing, updating and providing new content.

In today’s landscape, it’s about consistently refreshing your ads or video content, rather than having one ad that lasts you 12 months. Companies need to update their offers at least once a month, the sweet spot changes depending on industry but generally the life span is three to four weeks. Anything beyond that and we know that sales or enquiry volumes drop, you need to change the message to make it appealing, and it’s pure problem/solution.

500 Digital Media is a Production House that aims is to understand how to purpose the content for the outcome. This ensures the audience in today’s fast paced, short-attention span world are being reached and engaged.

It comes down to understanding what the desired outcome is, who the target clients are and listening to them – what’s working, what’s not, rather than a “set and forget” approach.

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Brought to you by Kristian Curcio, Founder, 500 Digital Media